TAMARA TAB_edited.png

Artist / Director / Writer: Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo

Visual Contents Designer: Challinor Hitchcock-Yoo Ltd


Voice Actors: Rachel Aspinwall, Carys Jones, Duglas Walker, Mark Abbot

Supporting Team - 

Producer: JaeYong Kim

Production Assistant: Bomi Choi

Sound Director: Hyosun Cha

Recording Engineer: Rob Pemberton

App Development: BIEN P.R.

App Design: Studio PAAT

Script Adversory: JLM Morton

The project showcases a combination of an adventurous story, exploration of spaces, and interactive mobile technology.


The Tamara experience will see participants travel through the landscape around them, interacting with their virtual realities and friends to experience audio and visual interactions with immersive storytelling.

The story of TamAra follows two characters, Tam and Ara, who have just met in the woods. Participants play as one of these character and, shortly after their first encounter, the pair dash through a heavy rainstorm together and from there, the unexpected and wonderful journey begins.


This work explores narrative archetypes which can be detected within the relationships of characters, as well as psychological tension- release patterns. It searches creative interpretations of the collective unconsciousness, and engages to provide an enhanced, immersive experience.