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Architecture Design Planning Services

Architecture Design Planning Services

How We


Initial Consultation

  • Begin your journey with a personalized consultation where we delve into your aspirations, requirements, and constraints.

  • Identify project goals, budget parameters, and aesthetic preferences.

  • Discuss the feasibility of your project and explore potential design directions.


Design Development

  • Once the concept is approved, we delve into the finer details of the design.

  • Develop comprehensive architectural drawings and specifications.

  • Incorporate your feedback and fine-tune the design elements to reflect your personality and tastes.


Construction Documents

  • Create detailed construction drawings and documents.

  • Specify materials, finishes, and construction techniques.

  • Source and select suitably capable contractors.

  • Provide clear and comprehensive information for accurate pricing and execution.


Interior Design Services

  • Elevate your space with our expert interior design services.

  • Curate a cohesive aesthetic that complements the architectural design.

  • Source and specify furnishings, fixtures, and finishes for a complete, harmonious environment.


Concept Design

  • Our creative process kicks off with the development of preliminary design concepts.

  • We collaborate closely with you to refine and evolve these ideas, ensuring alignment with your vision.

  • Present visualizations and sketches to help you visualize the proposed design


Statutory Approvals

  • Navigate the complexities of planning policy, building regulations, and other statutory requirements.

  • Prepare and submit necessary documentation for permits and approvals.

  • Liaise with relevant authorities to expedite the approval process.


Contract Administration

  • Oversee the construction phase to ensure adherence to design intent and quality standards.

  • Address on-site queries, facilitate communication between stakeholders, and resolve any unforeseen challenges.

  • Regular site visits to monitor progress and quality of workmanship.


Post-Occupancy Evaluation

  • Assess the performance of the completed project in real-world conditions.

  • Gather feedback from occupants and address any post-construction issues.

  • Ensure your satisfaction with the final result.

We feel very lucky to live in this house and feel very proud of how our changes have added to the history of the house for generations to come.

School House

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