NANZO TAB_edited.png

Nanzo was created as an experiential narrative theatre production by artist Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo (The Strangers). 


It centres around a 1930s era spy story and the brief was to create a backdrop of pieces that reflected the deco era in a bold contemporary manner. The crafted objects were set around the city and could be interacted with via App and augmented reality (AR) technology to create a vivid experience for the audience.

Production Designer : Studio Hitchcock-Yoo

Role : Grant Hitchcock-Yoo, Design Lead for 3d design elements

Art Production : The Strangers

Director: Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo

Writer: Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo, Eado Kim

App Developer: BIEN Ltd.

Visual Design: Studio PAAT

Sound Design: Hyosun Cha

Spatial Dramaturg: Sung-Ah Cho

Producer: Jae-Yong Kim

Set Builder : Hwanghak Sogul

Recording Engineer: Gwangsuk Goh

Voice Actor: Byungjin Yoo, Young-Ok Kim, Sunhyuk Kim, Jungmin Park, Eunkyung Shin

Project Fund : Art Council Korea