How We Work

Image by Kelly Sikkema

What We Do

Your project is likely to be one of the largest and most valuable  undertakings you ever embark on, but the process of designing  and delivering your vision can be quite daunting to begin with.  


As such, we are here to help make this journey from concept  to completion a lot easier and guide you through the processes  and statutory requirements to meet your specific project needs. 


Whatever the brief, we work hard to craft narratives within all  of our projects to create an architectural experience that is much more than the sum of its parts.


Using our wealth of experience, we  ensure that the design quality, style and finishes are all to your  own personal tastes, but elevated to new heights.  

And of course, as fully qualified and chartered architects, we  work to strict codes of conduct and statutory regulations to make  sure your project is in safe hands.

How We Do It

Initial Discussion and Pre-Qualification 

In this first step, we appraise your specific project needs and requirements, as well as confirming any relevant existing information for the project, to ensure that we are the  right consultants for you and checking that we have availability to work on your project 


Feasibility Consultation

At this stage, we have agreed to work with you and will arrange for our initial consultation to take place to discuss the constraints and opportunities of your project and outline the likely scope of works required to deliver your vision. This will highlight the scale and complexity  of your proposed project 


Statutory Research & Analysis 

Once we know the scope of your project, we begin our research and analysis into the relevant statutory policies that will apply and their specific requirements. This will  highlight the need for any additional consultants, specialist surveys and/or reports that we must consider as part of the package of works


Fee Proposal

After we have completed the above processes, we will issue our formal fee proposal for the works. By following these steps, we find it offers our Client’s best value and control of their project, as our proposal is then tailored to meet your specific requirements  and vision for the project

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