B22 - Berkeley Green

B22 -Berkeley

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Client: SGS South Gloucestershire & Stroud College

Artist / Client Representative: Simon Packard

Commercial Group Property Manager: Pete Barrett

The Clients, SGS College, wished to explore the possibility of a multi-purpose creative hub, utilising one of the unused buildings in their portfolio as the site for the concepts to be explored.


Located in Berkeley Green Science & Technology Park, the derelict office building offered a great opportunity to showcase how low-cost reuse of buildings can provide a sustainable way to add flexibility and reduce waste. 


Including office spaces and studios, the scheme also proposed a large cafe, complete with outdoor seating areas, accommodation for overnight and business stays, and a generous, open-plan gallery space on the first floor. A roof terrace was incorporated to increase the usable space, provide an interesting place to experience, and offer spectacular views. 

Later in the scheme design, we proposed a reused water storage tower as both a playful feature and sustainable rainwater harvester, again showing the potential for interesting and ecologically responsible architecture using existing structures.